Location of Armenia:

  • Located in Europe
  • Bordered by Turkey, Georgia, & Iran

Background Information:

  • The Ottoman Empire was in control of their specific part of Armenia.  The Empire wanted to rid the country of all Armenian's, but could only rid of the Armenian's under their control. 
  • Armenians were referred to as second class and suffered official discrimination. Even though they were recognized as second class, the Armenians stayed loyal to the Empire.
  • In 1908, the "Young Turks" took over the government. After the Young Turks gained power, they became excessively patriotic and loyal to their own nation. When Turkey entered World War I in 1914, they had the idea that "Turkism" should replace "Ottomanism."
  • The Armenians were seen as a roadblock to a Turkish nation and plans were made to remove them.